Juson Mold Technology Limited was founded in 2011 by three friends. David, Billy and Martin, all of them have more then 10 years of experience working for big mold factories. The reason they decided to establish their own factory is to minimize customer cost with the same quality and service. They think customers have paid more for the big factories.


Juson specializes in plastic mold & molding, co-injection mold & molding, over mold & molding, die casting mold & molding. Besides, we also do some machined products, surface finish, eg screen printing, painting, powder coating, plating etc, of course it will be done by our partners with competitive price, you know , no one can be omnipotent, we need co-operation to finish a perfect work. With combined years of industry related experience, Juson is the premier source for your Medical, Automotive, Appliance, Electronic, Defense, Energy and Consumer Applications.


Our aim is to provide the highest quality and service for our customers. Wherever you are , just come here.


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